What I’m Doing Now

I live in Fort collins, Colorado, focusing on these things.

-Creating and maintaining music apps for underrepresented markets at kDuo Productions

-Wrapping up my duties as a Sr. Chemist to shift my focus 100% on following my passion in entrepreneurship and building interactive learning tools.

– Interactive book with general chemistry principles

-Creating a routine, working from home in order to maintain productivity and focus.

-Experimenting with home brewing so I can still have some lab experience at home :)

-Finishing my Professional MBA at Colorado State University

-Brainstorming ideas for a physical product business

-Learning Photography, Meditation, Craft Beer, Reading, playing with our Pup Bobo.( You can see the books I am reading here)

Last Updated: Jan 4, 2016

This page is a public declaration and a reminder to myself about what I should be focusing on. It was inspired by Derek Sivers and his now movement.