Welcome to my page. My name is Bikul Koirala, I am originally from Nepal and came to the states for schooling in 2003. I lived in Pocatello, Idaho for 5.5 year, then worked in Champaign, Illinois for three years and moved to the beautiful  Colorado in 2011.



I am a Chemist by training and work as an Analytical Chemist in the Biotechnology industry. I am passionate about my work and am glad to have an opportunity to work on exciting science every day. I am currently also pursuing my MBA at Colorado state University.

In my free time, which is not much these days with almost 2.5 hrs of commuting everyday, I love developing various kinds of mobile applications( www.kduoapps.com & www.bobolabs.com) . Whenever, I find more time to spend  on my interest I hope to be able to create scientific and educational applications that will combine education with the modern technology to bring interactive learning to people’s phone and tablets.

I love this beautiful state I live in and all the natural beauty it has to offer. All the delicious craft beers around is definitely a plus. I love reading, going on nearby hikes, and spending lazy afternoons at local breweries.

In this blog, I will be writing about chemistry, mobile apps, education, my personal views on day to day things, and my motherland Nepal.

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